Book Donations

Do we accept books for donation? Yes we do! Please see the "Credit Rewards" page for more information on our trade for credit program, but please be aware that we are very selective about what books we will accept into the store. We want to ensure that we are providing our customers with high quality merchandise. We do not currently buy books. 

Below are some of the reasons we won't accept a book into the store (please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but are common reasons):

- creased or damaged covers

- written/coloured in or highlighted

- water or smoke damaged

- they have a musty or smoky smell

- we already have multiple copies 

- hardcovers missing dust jackets or published prior to 2020

- discarded library books

- books stamped by other book stores

- sometimes we may have to turn away books solely due to limited space

We appreciate everyone that brings their books to us, and while we would love to accept all books that are brought in, due to our limited space it just isn't possible. Thank you for your understanding!